Quoting F.A Hayek – La sélection par en bas.

Extrait de The Road to Serfdom – Why the worst get on top ?

[...]There are three main reasons why such a numerous and strong group with fairly homogeneous views is not likely to be formed by the best but rather by the worst elements of any society. By our standards the principles on which such a group would be selected will be almost entirely negative.

In the first instance, it is probably true that, in general, the higher the education and intelligence of individuals become, the more their views and tastes are differentiated and the less likely they are to agree on a particular hierarchy of values. It is a corollary of this that if we wish to find a high degree of uniformity and similarity of outlook, we have to descend to the regions of lower moral and intellectual standards where the more primitive and « common » instincts and tastes prevail.

This does not mean that the majority of people have low moral standards; it merely means that the largest group of people whose values are very similar are the people with low standards. It is, as it were, the lowest common denominator which unites the largest number of people. If a numerous group is needed, strong enough to impose their views on the values of life on all the rest, it will never be those with highly differentiated and developed tastes-it will be those who form the « mass » in the derogatory sense of the term, the least original and independent, who will be able to put the weight of their numbers behind their particular ideals.

If, however, a political dictator had to rely entirely on those whose uncomplicated and primitive instincts happen to be very similar, their number would scarcely give sufficient weight to their endeavors. He will have to increase their numbers by converting more to the same simple creed.[...]

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  1. gg
    Le 22 octobre 2009 à 13 h 32 min | Permalien

    l’histoire de la caricature est une atteinte à la vie privée de la personne :)
    il n’est pas interdit de critiquer l’implication des personnes, les décisions et directives politiques,…

    pourquoi mettre l’étoile de david dans le drapeau marocain?
    pour caricaturiser la personne (on s’en fout de qui il est) faisant le salut des nazis?
    est ce parce que sa femme est allemande? qu’elle est le rapport?

    notre liberté se termine là où commence celle des autres
    il faut faire comprendre à nos chers journalistes ce que veut dire la liberté de la presse :)

    moi en tant que personne lambda je n’accepterais pas qu’on me fasse la même chose

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