Mes liens du matin (9) – Musique

  • Les Rockstars avec leurs parents, album dans Life Magazine.

    Eric Clatpon et sa grand-mère

    Eric Clatpon et sa grand-mère

  • Kurt Cobain de Nirvana dans une longue interview avec Rolling Stones magazine en 1994.

    You’ve also gone on record as being a big Beatles fan.
    Oh, yeah. John Lennon was definitely my favorite Beatle, hands down. I don’t know who wrote what parts of what Beatles songs, but Paul McCartney embarrasses me. Lennon was obviously disturbed [laughs]. So I could relate to that.

    And from the books I’ve read — and I’m so skeptical of anything I read, especially in rock books — I just felt really sorry for him. To be locked up in that apartment. Although he was totally in love with Yoko and his child, his life was a prison. He was imprisoned. It’s not fair. That’s the crux of the problem that I’ve had with becoming a celebrity — the way people deal with celebrities. It needs to be changed; it really does.

    No matter how hard you try, it only comes out like you’re bitching about it. I can understand how a person can feel that way and almost become obsessed with it. But it’s so hard to convince people to mellow out. Just take it easy, have a little bit of respect. We all shit [laughs].

  • L’hymne national du Maroc en version Rock : et téléchargeable ici Morockin’ Anthem – Annachid Al-Watani
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