Quoting John Bowen

John Bowen de l’Université de Washington à St Louis écrit dans Nothing to Fear : Misreading Islamic immigration in Europe

Europe will survive its changing composition, as it has before. But the political shape of the Europe that emerges will depend on how European leaders frame the matter of citizenship. Europeans have some experience, not particularly rosy, of dividing people by religious affiliation  and of making one group the scapegoat for all that ails them. A sequel probably will not lead to a happier end. Most European leaders on the right and left know this and are seeking ways to build and broaden national institutions to include, on equal grounds, their Muslim citizens. They are supporting the creation of schools and mosques, debating the hard questions of sociability and religious freedom, and developing new ways of enforcing anti-discrimination laws. To be sure, some European political figures are rekindling old fires.

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