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Arguing is Pointless – HBR

Peter Bregman dans son blog sur Harvard Business Review parle de débats/querelles, il écrit dans Arguing is Pointless : And that’s when it hit me: arguing was a waste of my time. Not just in that situation with that police officer. I’m talking about arguing with anyone, anywhere, any time. It’s a guaranteed losing move. [...]

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Rapport de Bertelsmann sur le Maroc

Le Bertelsmann Transformation Index a fait un classement sur des différents pays sur différents index (Démocratie, Marché). Le rapport sur le Maroc en anglais est téléchargeable ici et est en lecture en ligne sur cette page. La conclusion du rapport est  très critique: The persistence of Moroccan authoritarianism is the result of two sets of [...]

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Stiglitz sur la Tunisie – Stiglitz on Tunisia

Joseph Stiglitz écrit dans le site Project Syndicate sur la Tunisie : The Tunisian Catalyst. Extrait : First, the lessons. For starters, it is not enough for governments to deliver reasonable growth. After all, GDP grew at around 5% annually in Tunisia over the last 20 years, and the country was often cited as boasting [...]

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La Magie IKEA – IKEA’s Magic

Ikea Flat-pack accounting : Un article dans The Economist (2006)  sur comment les propriétaires d’IKEA minimisent leurs paiements de différents impôts et taxes. Extrait : The parent for all IKEA companies—the operator of 207 of the 235 worldwide IKEA stores—is Ingka Holding, a private Dutch-registered company. Ingka Holding, in turn, belongs entirely to Stichting Ingka [...]

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Timur Kuran sur l’Islam et l’entrepreunariat

Timur Kuran analyse pourquoi l’entrepreneuriat est faible dans le monde musulman dans son article The Scale of Entrepreneurship in Middle Eastern History: Inhibitive Roles of Islamic Institutions. Extraits : However, neither the transformations of practices associated with Islam nor their geographic diversification received formal approval. On the contrary, a steady rhetoric of institutional fixity effectively [...]

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John Kay sur l’arrogance – John Kay on Arrogance

John Kay écrit dans Those at the nucleus may not have the best view So when someone tells you something is too complex for you to understand, the usual reason is that they do not really understand it themselves. Sometimes they know that they do not really understand it: often they do not. For the [...]

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